Step into a fantasy…

JC Fairbanks Romance is all about living happily ever after.  Here you will find stories of strong, independent, intelligent women who fall in love with solid, driven, men with hearts of gold.  Moving, rousing, exciting, and emotional, these steamy contemporary tales of romance will take you right into the fantasy. Happily ever afters are guaranteed!

“A white wine, please,” she said to the bartender.  David reached over and took her hand.  He pulled her arm toward him, turning her hand up, and softly kissed her wrist, his gaze pinning her in place.  Her heart skipped several beats when his warm lips touched her skin.  She was never going to make it through dinner without fainting, she just knew it.  The bartender set down a glass in front of her and she scooped it up, taking a long drink, hoping to cool herself with the chilled liquid.

David raised his glass to hers and said, “To meeting new people.” She clinked his glass and took another drink.  She was surprised that her glass was already empty.  She must be more nervous than she thought.

“Your table is ready, sir,” the hostess said, her eyes glued on David. Camile thought the woman might start drooling at any moment. Heck, Camile might join her.The hostess turned to show them to their table.  David placed his hand on the small of her back as they walked, guiding her to her seat.  Heat spread from his hand through her core and she stilled the shiver of pleasure threatening to wrack her body. 

Menus were handed to them and Camile began to peruse hers.  After a few moments she looked up and saw David gazing at her over the top of his menu.

“You caught me,” he said, and flashed that dazzling smile of his.  She smiled and ducked behind her menu as there was no way to control the flush coming to her face this time.

“Well, I think I know what I want,” David said, his voice low and rough. Camile lowered her menu and was caught by his fiery emerald eyes. He looked at her like he wanted to devour her, and she silently wished he would. 

“Angel hair,” she said, nervously folding her menu and setting it aside. “That sounds good.”

“It sure does,” David said, still gazing at her.

Camile was quickly figuring out that imagining his brilliant smile and intense gaze while she talked to him on the phone was a far cry from actually experiencing it in person. That smile did things to her that she had no hope of controlling. 

“I’m sorry,” she said, laughing nervously, “but could you stop smiling at me?”

David’s smile dropped for a second, replaced by a look of surprise, but then he started to laugh. He picked up his menu again and held it in front of him as he laughed loudly. Camile laughed, too, feeling the full effect of that glass of wine now.

“Is this better?” David asked from behind his menu, still laughing.

“No,” Camile laughed. “I changed my mind, come back out.” David set his menu down and reached across the table, gently grasping her fingers. Only the smallest curve touched the corners of his lips. Camile felt herself relax.

“It’s just that your smile does things to me,” she said, lowering her voice and leaning in across the table. “In a very good way.”

David didn’t smile now, but his eyes burned. Electricity pulsed where her fingers touched his and the heat in her pelvis flashed white hot.

“Salad?” David asked, his voice barely above a whisper.


“Do you want soup or salad?” he asked, a little louder, but it was as if he was working to get the words out.

“Oh, salad,” Camile said, having a difficult time finding her own voice.

David cleared his throat as their server approached the table. He ordered for them, getting her order exactly right without asking. She realized he must have remembered everything she told him over the phone the past few days. It made her want him more, if that were even possible.

The conversation flowed effortlessly through dinner and dessert.  They discovered a mutual adoration of a good tiramisu, and decided to share one, as this restaurant was famous for their desserts.  David’s eyes kept darting to her mouth while they devoured the cake. She tried to eat seductively and not drop crumbs down her dress.  It seemed to work.  His beautiful green eyes barely left her face.

David stood and pulled her chair out so she could stand. “Can I drive you home?” he asked.

“Actually, I would rather you drove me to your place,” Camile said, surprised at her own boldness. This was only the third time she had set eyes on this man, but it felt like she’d known him forever.  The few inches of distance between them felt much too far.  She needed to feel him pressed up against her.

“Of course, your wish is my command,” he said, the heat back in his voice. Her core quivered.