Step into a fantasy…

JC Fairbanks Romance is all about living happily ever after.  Here you will find stories of strong, independent, intelligent women who fall in love with solid, driven, men with hearts of gold.  Moving, rousing, exciting, and emotional, these steamy contemporary tales of romance will take you right into the fantasy. Happily ever afters are guaranteed!

“HE HAD TO GET OUT OF there. But even as he said the words, he struggled against every cell in his body not to wrap himself around her. What was he thinking bringing her up to his hotel room? It was almost more temptation than he could handle. If there hadn’t been a party full of people, including Diana’s parents and his best friend, waiting for them, he doubted he would have been able to stop himself.

She’d taken her jacket off, revealing a soft, green sweater with a deep V-neck that hugged her breasts and accentuated her waist. Her hair was down today, and soft ringlets fell over her shoulders. His hands continued their exploration, pushing a few curls back to give him better access to her soft neck.

Diana moaned softly as his fingers skimmed over her, and he almost came undone right there. The little sounds she made were driving him crazy. So soft and feminine, and echoing back the same boiling desire humming through his entire body. They had to get out of here.

“Come on. If you think this room is great, you’re really going to like the Tiki bar,” he said, his voice low and gravelly. He cleared his throat and took her hand, scooping up her jacket on the way out the door.

“There’s a boat in the middle of the bar!” Diana said, leaning into him after they had ordered their drinks. Her eyes were wide as she took in the room.

Giorgio gazed at her, enjoying the almost child-like wonder on her face. Then she turned her warm, brown eyes on him, and he couldn’t think. His body reacted of its own accord, his hand reaching out to make contact with her in any way he could. He picked up her hand and brought her fingers to his lips, kissing them softly. Her lips parted, and another soft sound came out.

“Here you are, one Sambuca, and one Mai Tai. Enjoy,” their waitress said, delivering their drinks and breaking the spell.

“Salute,” Giorgio said, raising his glass. Diana tapped her brightly colored drink to his.

“Salute,” she said.

“So,” he said, taking a sip of his drink, “Bunny. Tell me why everyone keeps calling you that.”

“That would be my dad’s fault. He thinks I have big, brown bunny eyes. It’s silly…”

“No, it’s not. Not at all. Maybe I can call you Bunny.”

“Please don’t,” she said quickly. “I mean, I love the way you say my name.”

“Then, a toast to you, Diana. Thank you for taking pity on me and having a drink with me.”

Diana giggled, a shy, very female sound. Giorgio set his glass on the table and leaned closer to her, extending his arm along the back of the booth behind her. Her eyes dropped to his mouth and her lips parted.

She began to speak quickly, her breath coming in soft, short gasps, driving his need even higher. “I mean, if you want to call me Bunny, you can. Everyone does, I don’t mind it. I’m used to it, I mean-”

He couldn’t take it anymore. He moved his lips to hers, stopping her talking with a soft, tentative kiss. For a moment he was nervous, worried she would pull away, that she didn’t want him the way he needed her.

Giorgio moved against her soft lips and she responded with a sigh…