Begin the Fantasy

Two days can change your life. But will it lead to true love or disaster? When two sisters embark on a road trip with their family, they see more than just the sights along the Florida coastline. Passions are ignited, and hearts are broken along the way. But it may just turn out to be the best time of their lives.

The dust has settled after three sisters embarked on a life-changing summer vacation.  Now it’s time for little sister Anika to go away to college.  But will her life be turned upside down by not one, but two men eager for her attentions?  Will she choose the sweet boy next door, or the sexy cowboy on campus?  Fall may be hotter than the summer as all three sisters explore their new relationships, and their passions are ignited like never before.

The Saenz sisters have all found love, but will it be destroyed when the past comes back into their lives?  It’s been a year since the roadtrip that changed everything.  And just when things have seemed to settle down, they’re off on another exciting, intense, and erotic adventure.  Love, romance, and steamy nights await in the final volume of Love and Desire.

Daphne Williams is a woman who knows what she wants and always gets it.  Fresh out of another unsatisfying relationship, she’s set her sights on the handsome and driven David Monroe.  But sometimes what you want isn’t what you need, and it may take more than one man to sate Daphne’s desires and unlock her heart.

Delia has been hunting ghosts her entire life.  Her earliest memories are dreams of spirits.  So when strange things begin happening around her, particularly to her lovers, she isn’t really surprised at all.  But what she doesn’t expect is to discover a truth about herself that has been hidden for hundreds of years.  Can true love survive anything?  Even death?

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